Become a
Solidity Developer
in 12 Weeks

swissDAO Solidity Developer Bootcamp is a 12 week cohort program that teaches the fundamentals to become a solidity developer.

swissDAO is a well connected builder community giving you the best exposure to the industry.

In a nutshell

Become a
Solidity Developer in weeks

  • Most up-to-date curriculum
  • Build solid foundations in smart contract development
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship
  • Member Resources
  • Receive Checklist & Cheatsheet
  • Develop a Portfolio Project

Learn to build smart contracts, understand technical fundamentals of blockchains, obtain the ability to create your own Web3 projects, follow more advanced courses and understand Web3 trends.

You will use these technologies and languages

How it works

The Bootcamp that works part-time

Learn the fundamentals of smart contract writing

12 live sessions in person or remote

You'll have bonus access to all examples, templates and cheatsheets for you to download and use (that will save you hours of headache)

Put learnings into practice by following the 12 weeks program

You’ll do 2 assignments per week that will be checked by your TA.

You’ll have 1 session with your TA to check your progress and reflect open questions

12 Weeks
Time Commitment
10-20h /Week
Cohort Size
10 People

Is it for you?

Understand if our Bootcamp is suitable for you.

Software Developers


Blockchain Enthusiasts


What you'll learn in this Solidity development bootcamp

Master the technical skills needed to successfully contribute to the Web3 movement, learning how to develop great products in Web3 using the most up to date workflows.

  • 0. Foundations

  • 1. First Project, Tokens, Staking

  • 2. Randomness, Oracles

  • 3. DeFi Primitives

  • 4. Wallets

  • 5. Testing & Hacking

  • 6. Project Weeks

Code your first Smart Contracts

We start with a solid Foundation into the Bootcamp - Programming and Solidity Basics

What you will learn in practice

    Learn Types

    Understand Keywords

    Build Intuition around Modifiers

    Compiler, Imports

Start Building

There are 6 show stoppers of
of you becoming a Solidity Developer

Not having the right templates, tools and strategies
Each time you create a project you start at square one. You lack oversight what you need to do, to start and conclude a smart contract project successfully.
Being unaware of vulnerabilities and fundamentals
When writing smart contracts you are not aware of pitfalls, your smart contracts could be easily hacked since malicious actors scan the blockchain for vulnerable smart contracts 24/7.
Being isolated
Without the right peers you will be stuck in tutorial hell and never apply your learnings together in a group.
Tutorial Hell
You are not becoming a Solidity Developer by looking at Youtube Videos. You need to apply what you see. Modify and break it.
Analysis Paralysis
Do not have fear of making mistakes, it is part of the game!. It is far easier to fail and grow together than alone.
Random Tactics
It is quite hard at the beginning to conquer this gigantic world alone, let's join forces together.

Curriculum - Programme of the 12 Weeks Bootcamp

swissDAO’s 12 week curriculum will teach you how Solidity on Ethereum works from the ground up. Our bootcamp is very development heavy & focuses on your portfolio to gain as much experience as possible.

Week 1Basic Concepts
Week 2First Project, Tokens, Staking
Week 3Randomness, Oracles
Week 4DeFi primitives
Week 5DeFi primitives
Week 6Wallets
Week 7Wallets
Week 8Testing & Hacking
Week 9Testing & Hacking
Week 10Capstone Project
Week 11Capstone Project
Week 12Capstone Project